This salad brings back childhood memories, every winter this salad was a must on our lunch table. I wasn’t very fond of beetroots, and mom found an interesting way of getting me to eat beets. Somehow the chill in the air, filtered sunlight from the windows falling right onto our dining table and the winter greens made everything taste delicious, and then of course Mommy’s magic makes everything taste better!!

Beets, 2
Carrots, 4
Tomatoes, 2 
Green chili,Jalapeno, 1
Cilantro, finely chopped
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste


Grate beets and carrots, I let the food processor do the hard work !!

In a bowl mix, the grated beets, carrots, chopped tomatoes, green chilies and cilantro, squeeze lemon juice, add salt and pepper. The salad is ready.

In another variation you could added grated radishes and ginger too, tastes amazing!!

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