Husband in the Kitchen: Mushroom Omelette (Preparation Time: 25 Minutes, Serves: 1-2)

Guest Blogger: Amit Rajvanshy

The Husband’s  Diary

Day 28, Saturday: Will be nearly a month, since she went off to her mom’s. 

  • Got out of the bed that I last made 23 days ago. Stumbled over discarded newspapers, shoes and laptop power cable on the way to the kitchen.

  •  Noticed that I left room heater and kitchen light ON, all night long. Sorry… will be careful now onward (to myself, and to her)

  •  Opened the fridge. Realized that ran out of milk… like 3 days ago. Hmmm… Left over pizza, nachos and spicy salsa for breakfast?…not bad. Diet coke…OK.

  •  Resolved to make it a productive day. No more wasting the day like yesterday. Do some meaningful work. Run those errands….go to the gym. Hmmm, will definitely do this in the second half.

  • Watched a movie on Netflix. Then two. Final one. Felt tired. Slept. Woke up that rumble-y belch, uneasy digestion – Burrp! Rolled back, slept.

  •  Woke up. Felt depressed. “Wasted the day”. Should not have watched the movies. Will definitely run the errands, tomorrow. High time, I discipline myself.

  • That Smell… haven’t taken out the trash in weeks…damn…forgot to line the garbage bin… took the whole trash bin out with me. Got out of the apartment in same shorts, tees and slippers that I had been wearing for 2 days. Hadn’t shaved in 4 days. Wondered why the hot neighbor kept blinking fast when we crossed the hallway. Got reminded of how I looked. Felt embarrassed.

  •  Back home. That burp was not usual. Damn the stale pizza, those 2 packs of Nachos and the HOT salsa. Oh this pain! Ten minutes later, felt convinced that I had gone into labor. Lied prone in the toilet, wishing for death

  • Felt better – half an hour later. Throwing up helped. Much better. Medicated the stomach. Jack Daniel’s. On the rocks.

  • Hungry again. No milk. Oh I ran out it… like 3 days ago. In the fridge, last 2 eggs, mushroom….


  • 2 or three eggs
  • 3 to 4 large mushrooms
  • 1/2 an onion (red)
  • Salt, pepper, sugar, oil


  • Wash and cut the mushrooms; finely chop the onion

  • Beat the eggs until slightly frothy; add salt, crushed pepper and a pinch of sugar

  • Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a frying pan until it smokes

  • Saute the onions till lightly browned

  • Add mushroom; season with salt and pepper

  • Cook till mushrooms are brownish and oozing with juice

  • Remove the cooked onion and mushroom from the pan into a bowl

  • Pour eggs into the pan and leave it alone till the bottom is set (keep flame low-medium; do not burn!)

  • Scatter the cooked onion and mushroom on the top

  • Once the top sets, fold the omelette

  • Cook for 1-2 minutes more; serve

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  1. Pooja Shekhar says:

    Looks yumm…that will be my breakfast tomorrow 😉

  2. Ishita says:

    I am sure you'll love it..that's a staple with our family, try other recipes too..would love to hear your feedback!!

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