Dahi Badas (Preparation Time: 2 hours 30 Minutes; Serves 5-6)

I must admit, I have been a bit lax with my posts. I went home to India and have returned recently.

One would imagine when on a vacation there will be a lot of time to spare…strangely for me it’s been quite the contrary. Back home, there was so much to do that even 24 hours seemed less…meeting friends and family, shopping, eating, reading etc etc did not even leave enough time for sleeping OR may be there’s too much on my wish list.

Now that I am back, the cook in me is alive and kicking…just distracted for a bit. I promise a collection of good old and delectable recipes from my mom’s kitchen. I am resuming posts on the Street Food series with this recipe of Dahi Badas. The sight is mouth watering…. and the taste is, of course, divine!!



  • Wash both the dals and soak in just enough water for 2 hours

  • In a blender grind the soaked dal into a creamy paste, if the paste feels too dry you could add a little water (1-2 tsp at a time)
  • Spread the dal paste into a flat bottomed and wide vessel

  • Add asfoetida, grated ginger and finely chopped green chillies

  • Using  a spoon, whip the paste for 80-100 times (or 2-3 minutes) in a singular, circular motion, until the batter is fluffy and light

  • Heat oil in a wok and adjust the heat to medium high (to check if the oil is hot enough, you could drop a small blob of batter, the batter should start getting cooked and expand upwards) – do not fill the wok with too much oil, the badas are shallow fried

  • You could drop small blobs of the batter in the oil using your hands (oil them to prevent the batter from sticking on to your hands) OR a tablespoon (about 1 tbsp at a time) – the size of the wok would determine the number of vadas you could fry at a time

  • Fry until golden brown from all sides

  • Keep a flat vessel with lukewarm salted water ready

  • Strain the fried badas into this, and soak for about half an hour, till they become tender, squeeze the badas between your palms to get rid of excess water and keep aside

  • Pass  yogurt through a sieve into a bowl to get even consistency, if it is is too thick, you could add 1-2 tsp milk, add salt to taste, mix and keep aside

  • Arrange the vadas in a wide dish, pour enough yogurt to cover them all, (allow the badas to soak in the yogurt for at least half an hour before serving)

  • Sprinkle tamarind chutney, coriander chutney, bhuna jeera, red chilli powder, finely chopped coriander/cilantro leaves before serving

  • If you wish to make these badas for later use, do not soak them in water, store them in an air tight container and refrigerate, you could use them for about 7-10 days

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Finally I was able to open the site…it looks yuummm…wl try for sure…Nitasha

  2. Ishita says:

    And I bet you would love them Nitasha!!

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