Back with a clank!!

The cook in me is very much alive and kicking….temporarily though that place was being shared and then taken over by a little someone. Now that I am back from my hiatus, that little someone-my daughter, Amaira is my inspiration to cook.

I am not only back in the kitchen but also discovering a new world that caters to our little ones, the fussiest eaters of all, I bet. My one year old is no different, she keeps me busy thinking of new, non-spicy, nutritious, yet interesting varieties to serve her.
When you’re just learning to eat, it’s very important to be introduced to the right kind of food. Your baby sees the world as you bring it upon her. Having deliberated on how to make this journey interesting for my little angel, I have experimented, spoken with my friends, elders in the family and gone through several blogs and write-ups on baby food.
So all new mommys/mommys-to-be, through my blog I will try and share with you all my ‘Tried and Tasted recipes’ (which have been received well by the little one!!) and my interesting experiences with them.
At the same time, I intend to continue blogging yummy-spicy-hot stuff for us adults.

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  1. Nitya says:

    Aww.. thankyou baby! Hope our little muchkin liked them. Love, Love, lovee to the pretty princess. God bless!

  2. Ishita says:

    She surely did!! love ya and Ayaan, dher sara…

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