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Vermicelli Upma (Serves 2; Preparation Time: 25-30 minutes)

Weekday mornings are usually super busy and always put your time management skills to a tough test. Dragging oneself out of the bed, deciding what to have for breakfast and lunch and then cooking it, packing the lunch box, getting ready for the office, surfing through the Delhi Times…all this against the ever ticking clock could be quite overwhelming!!

While the lunch menu decision could still be an easy bet, as one always has the option of sticking to the safe ‘dal, sabzi and chapati’ combo, deciding what to cook for breakfast can be quiet a task….there are limited options, even more limited time, however, the importance of having a good, filling and yummy breakfast cannot be undermined.

I will blog quick , tasty and healthy breakfast recipes for all you busy people; it will hopefully make the morning grind a little easier and will give you that one extra minute to browse through your horoscope for the day before you zoom off!!


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