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About me

Living in greater NYC, I balance bringing up two beautiful girls and following my interests – food blogging, dancing, reading and traveling. I am a qualified journalist and skilled content strategist.  

I deeply care about health and well being of my family and protecting the environment – I do my little bits.  I like meeting people, making friends and driving memorable conversations. 

I love watching food shows and am a fan of House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Lost, and Friends.

The story of Hungry Palette

To be a foodie or not was a choice that never was. Being born to parents who are exceptional cooks I too started early, crafting chapatis in funny shapes and sizes. Thanks to my mom’s awesome cooking my school lunch was polished away long before the formal lunch break. Most days I returned home hungry and…proud!

Growing up in the 90s, cooking was considered ‘Oh! So out of fashion’. While in my girlie gang at the school and college cooking was ceremoniously shunned and my friends took pride in not being able to cook anything beyond instant noodles. On the other hand my infatuation with cooking continued unabated.

Until high school and college cooking was largely experimental and recreational…but after I got married could not count on my husband’s cooking skills. Since I was used to fresh, homemade meals I had no choice but to take charge in the kitchen. It was not easy; I recall making several frantic calls to my mom and mom-in-law.

Practice does help and with time I learnt the essential 4P’s of cookingPractice, Proportion, Perseverance and Passion – and perfected the art (or should I say the science) of cooking!! The husband, neighbors, friends and colleagues kept the pat on the back coming, and I kept going.

Earlier in life, I had found my creative expression in painting, reading and dancing. But with the hectic job in a newly married life, responsibilities and chores ate up most of my day. I could hardly find any time for hobbies. I desperately needed to vent my creativity and over these years my creativity manifested into cooking.  My blog, ‘Hungry Palette’, is an expression of what cooking means to me today – a passion and a creative expression!

I will mostly blog everyday recipes, those that you can make at home simply and quickly. Do drop me a line, if you loved some!

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  1. Sourish says:

    Great start!! I shall be closely watching for some useful tips 🙂

  2. Ishita says:

    Hey Sourish…there indeed will be a lot of tips, hope you find something useful though 🙂

  3. Shashank says:

    its Really great to see your blog. My best wishes to you.

  4. Aditi says:

    Im glad to see ur blog sweetheart… Will hav a keen eye for tips from a great cook!! Keep it coming :)PS: Some diet khana will be really useful… Im sure u can make even tht tasty!!

  5. Ishita says:

    Aditi, will put in some yummy and healthy recipes soon…

  6. Nitya says:

    You indeed are a great cook Sweetheart. I loved the attay ka halwa you prepared. 😉

  7. Ishita says:

    Thanks, will put that one for you…meanwhile do check the other recipes!!

  8. sujata says:

    Amit sent me this link during office hours and frankly speaking I put evrything els i was doing at a standstill while i savoured all d recipes penned down..specially looking forward to try out d mutton dish (i happen to nurture a strong affection towards red meat)keep up d blogging.. 🙂

  9. Ishita says:

    Thanks Sujata…I do hope you find a lot of recipes worth trying and enjoy eating them too..!!

  10. Raaga says:

    Welcome to the world of food blogging!

  11. Ishita says:

    Thanks Arundhati!!

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